Important Updates

Posted by: 2014-02-23, 17:52 - 0 comments

We've been busy for the last few days fixing and updating our site.
Few important fixes that we would like to point out are:

- Facebook login is working again.

- When submitting new flash game, you should be able to upload it with no problem. Code has been fixed and we raised the upload file size limit up to 50MB (which is huge for flash games). We would also like to point out that from now on, only high quality games will be accepted.

- Friend challenge has been fixed. If you have friends who you would like to challenge, you can do that after you submit your best score (games with trophy have option to submit scores and therefore challenge your friend).
All games with trophy can be found here
If you don't have anyone and would like to challenge someone, you can seek new friends here

- We also solved the issue with forever loading games. This has been solved by moving our site to a dedicated server with lots of power and great network connection.

- and some minor bugs have been fixed for better experience with us.

If you're having any questions, please write and ask us.


Point awards

Posted by: 2012-02-27, 00:00 - 2 comments

Awards are as following:

Rating a game --> 1 Point
Playing a game --> 2 Points
Posting a comment --> 4 Points
Submitting a highscore --> 4 Points
Challenging a friend --> 8 Points
Sending a report --> 10 Points
Referring a user --> 10 Points
Submitting a game --> 12 Points


Welcome to our improved site

Posted by: 2012-02-02, 00:00 - 0 comments

What we've done in the past few days to make this site as it is today?

We've modified template and make some new options which we are sure you'll love:
- Points earning,
- challenging a friend,
- game submission,
- and few other things.

How can you earn points:
- When you play a game for at least 3 min,
- when you post a comment,
- when you report a broken game,
- and when you rate a game.

Additional points earning options are:
- Submitting a highscore,
- referring new members,
- challenging a member,
- and for submitting a new game.

Yes, we've added this cool option to challenge members, so you'll never get borred. More players = more fun.