Point awards

Point awards

Posted by: 2012-02-27, 00:00 - 2 comments

Awards are as following:

Rating a game --> 1 Point
Playing a game --> 2 Points
Posting a comment --> 4 Points
Submitting a highscore --> 4 Points
Challenging a friend --> 8 Points
Sending a report --> 10 Points
Referring a user --> 10 Points
Submitting a game --> 12 Points

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    ajoomajoo (4) - 2014-07-02, 07:27
    A minute somewhere K and I want to add a little bit a poppinfun with the scar great out that I think yeah me too really easy outfit a great pair of jeans alone and intellect- jacket that's a wonderful thing every young girl to happen and larger what he did was wrong least make it more casual and layered underneath a little rock in all 16 t-shirt which is a lot of fun still banning cue anti-missile rest stop but still kind of casual and dress down are going to class like that because you’re very narrow hips I would create the idea like buying a jacket make you squirm in Lipo Slim our class we create an illusion an awesome I want to share a little bit lower Clinton also give the illusion up for the headline than half the size I was when I first came here I feel very competent field likely note allowed back in go to school and I can’t be the best they could be last day of Katie's makeover the last have Katie’s wishes I would love to stand out because we'regonna go back to college I want to join a sorority what if you’re going to join a story then you say food to the need to be blonde right don’t totally you are you excited about that oh yeah we make that happen today oh absolutely reduced.

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    omega (8) - 2012-02-27, 08:23
    Thanks! I was wondering about those :)